Food safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent body set up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI has been set up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (Act) which is a merging resolution connected with sanitation and guideline in India. Overall FSSAI is liable for ensuring and advancing general wellbeing through the guideline and oversight of food safety. In this blog we are going to discuss about getting the FSSAI product approval.

Functions of FSSAI

There are many functions of FSSAI. They are given below.

  • Outlining of Regulations to set out the Standards and rules corresponding to articles of food and indicating proper process for authorizing different guidelines in this way informed.
  • Setting down instruments and rules for license of confirmation bodies occupied with accreditation of sanitation the board framework for food organizations.
  • Setting down method and rules for authorization of research centers and warning of the certify labs.
  • Gather and examine information with respect to food utilization, rate and commonness of organic danger, impurities in food, deposits of different, pollutants in food sources items, recognizable proof of arising dangers and presentation of fast ready framework.
  • Making a data network the nation over so the general population, buyers, Panchayats and so forth get quick, solid and objective data about food handling and issues of concern.
  • Give preparing projects to people who are involved or plan to engage in food organizations.
  • Add to the advancement of global specialized principles for food, sterile and phyto-clean norms.
  • Advance general mindfulness about sanitation and food principles.

FSSAI Product approval

FSSAI product approval is the process by which a product gets supported by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI product approval is needed for products which contain fixings and additionally added substances which are not according to recommended principles in the Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulations. FSSAI product approval is allowed at the Central Government level and in this blog, we check out the strategy for acquiring FSSAI product approval.

FSSAI Online

In right now, to assist the most common way of acquiring endorsements for food items, the FBOs don’t need to truly present the application for getting item endorsement. As another option, the FBOs can apply for the FSSAI item endorsement on the web. The web-based item endorsement method is exceptionally straightforward and gets straightforwardness the framework. Food Business Operators can submit and follow their application status on the web. Likewise, at the FSSAI site, one can get the required and point by point data about the Food Product Approval System, FSSAI rules and documentation subtleties needed during the application.

The FSSAI product approval process used to manual wherein the FSSAI product approval application and a Demand Draft for the recommended charge must be submitted to the FSSAI office. Be that as it may, to adapt up to the increment in FSSAI product approval applications and carry in straightforwardness into the framework, FSSAI has as of late presented the Food Product Approval System (FPAS). FSSAI product approval application can now be submitted and followed online through the FSSAI FPAS Online framework.

Data Required for FSSAI Product Approval

To make a FSSAI product approval application, it requires the accompanying data relating to the organization and product:

Business Name

Place of work


Telephone Number

Manufacturer Address

Type of Business (Manufacturer/Importer/Retailer/Marketer)

Product Origin

Nation of Origin

Presence in the Market

Common Name

Brand Name

Method for Manufacturing

Claim, if any?

Timeframe of realistic usability of the Product

Pack Size

Serving Details

Ingredients Details

Notwithstanding the above data, the accompanying documents should likewise be submitted in the FSSAI product approval application.

Name for the food product

Method for manufacturing

Accelerated stability datasheet

Realtime stability datasheet

End-Use Declaration Document

Testament of Analysis from NABL Lab

Undertaking and Form-9

Process for the product approval

Business Entity Incorporation

FSSAI item endorsement is an elusive resource for any business, as it furnishes the business with power to make or market a specific sort of food item in India. Further, each FSSAI item endorsement is conceded solely after a lot of handling time and includes installment of high handling charges to FSSAI. Hence, it is suggested that the FSSAI item endorsement application be produced using a corporate substance like Private Limited Company or LLP so business can be handily moved sometime in the future alongside the food item licenses whenever required.

FSSAI registration in Coimbatore

Food Business Operator License

A food business administrator permit is needed for organizations that are engaged with the assembling or taking care of or selling of food items. While applying for food item endorsement, a duplicate of the FSSAI food business administrator permit declaration should be submitted. Subsequently, it is suggested that a food business administrator permit be gotten for the sake of the business whenever required. We can assist you with acquiring the FSSAI Food Business License.

Test Reports

The application for food item endorsement should be submitted alongside specific test reports from NABL authorize labs. The NABL lab reports are utilized to approve the cases, mark cases, fixings and different boundaries of the food item.

Food Product Label

The FSSAI food item endorsement application should contain a name of the item. It’s not important to print the name as it would be able to mark can be a model and need not be printed. It is critical to guarantee that the food item mark adjusts to the FSSAI Food Product Labeling Standards in India.

Presenting the FSSAI Product Approval Application

Subsequent to consenting the above data and archives, make the application for FSSAI item endorsement through the Food Product Approval System (FPAS). It is critical to have proficient assistance while planning and presenting the FSSAI item endorsement application.

Benefits of Product approval

  • Your item will be totally alright for utilization and consequently liked over items that are not.
  • The assessment cycle has been normalized to guarantee negligible loss of time and notoriety.
  • As the food safety and quality tests are profoundly exact and as per the worldwide principles, you will draw in global clients.

How FSSAI registration help you as owner?

FSSAI needs to be something other than a Food and Beverage (F&B) industry controller. They assume the part of a partner to F&B entrepreneurs. So as a producer/retailer, you as of now have a prepared organization set up which is quick to work with you and assist you with being agreeable.