FSSAI registration is necessary by all companies involved in the food manufacturing business and other food related business activities. It is basically a 14-digit registered number; which has issued by the FSSAI Licensing Authority to ensure the quality of the ingredients used in the production and processing of such foodstuffs. It is necessary by each and every type of business whether it be a manufacturer, trader, transporter, importer, exporter or producer of dairy products and other food items. To run their food business legally in India, the government has made it mandatory for all food business organizations to obtain a license from the FSSAI.

Process of getting FSSAI registration for the traders

For traders in India, FSSAI is one of the organizations regulated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) by the Ministry of Registration, Health and Family Affairs .The main objective behind the formation of this organization was to ensure that food related products are safe and healthy for consumption.
If you are thinking of starting a food-related business whether for small size such as small food business operators or large scale business, to do food business you have to register yourself under FSSAI and provide the best and hygienic quality food, which is inspected by numerous parameters according to the Food Safety Standards Act.


Who wants to start his own food business, has to apply online for registration of this required document.
• To obtain a license, he must have an active phone number as well as an email ID to submit the form.
• Food business operators will have to fill in the exact details of their respective names in the application as it will appear in the registration.
• After submitting the application system you will get a unique reference ID which will be used in each application.
• The next step in paying the fee. Acceptance and application can be paid by taking a printout of the online application form and making a demand draft from the specified bank

Advantages of FSSAI registration

There are several legal benefits to the food business:
• Creating customer awareness
• You can use the FSSAI logo, which can create goodwill among customers.
• Determine science-based principles
• Food safety facility
• The research and development sector is responsible for maintaining security.
• New guidelines have been introduced that are compatible with international organizations
• Set as evidence proof study for drafting policies.
• The business is likely to expand.

Key points to be fulfilled by the companies

1) Basic Entity Registration: The food business operator must be a registered entity with a separate pen, VAT registration / service tax registration.
2) Food License: It is mandatory for a start-up or company considering entering the food market to get a food license from FSSAI.
3) Search for the category of license: Food license is location specific and the type of license required varies in the nature of the activity and the area of the location.
4) Quick Process: Once the application has filled in the prescribed format along with supporting documents, the license can be obtained within 1-20-20 days of submission.
5) License Condition: Issued food license is subject to certain conditions. All food business operators must ensure that the status has completed within the time period.
6) Labeling Requirement: As per the regulation of labeling, no hole of logo and license will have displayed on the product package as opposed to the background color.
Food licenses are allowed by the FSSAI to advance in the food business. This food license location is exclusive and also called bound. It has a 14-digit registration number.

Objective of FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006 obliges all food business operators to comply with certain FSSAI compliance. Basic compliance is to obtain an FFSAI license and operate under the FSS Regulations, 2011. To start farming, manufacturing, selling, retailing, labeling activities, food business operators must first obtain an FSSAI license. The sole purpose of the Act is to certify the safety, hygiene and sanitary standards of food products offered by the FBO.

Provisions for FBO

Use of Food Additive or Processing Aid: –

No food article should contain any food additive or processing aid unless it corresponds with the provisions and rules under FSS assistance.

Discharge of Contaminants and Toxins: –

According to the Act, any article of food should not contain high levels of contaminants, should naturally transport toxins or heavy metals.

Avoid the use of pesticides, veterinary drugs and antibiotic residues: –

Any food article should not contain residues of pesticides or insecticides, veterinary solvents, drugs, antibiotics and pharmacologically active substances.

Prohibition on distribution of modified, organic, functional and proprietary food: –

According to the rules of FSS Act, no food operator will distribute or produce any novel food. It further restricts the supply of irradiated, organic, functional foods, health supplements, proprietary foods and foods used in special diets.

Label of packaged food must provide specific information: –

First, the information on food products should have written in Hindi or Devanagari script. Also, there will be no false or misleading information that could create a false impression or misleading image of the product.

No separate distribution of food labels: –

The Food Safety and Security Act, 2006 prohibits the provision of labels on pre-packaged food separate from any container.

The information on the label must be legible: –

Each packaged food needs to display clear and readable material that consumers can understand under normal circumstances.

The food container should provide the necessary information: –

The wrapper or label of the packaged food should contain all the necessary information in a format readable by an external wrapper.


The FSSAI compliance checklist clearly states that every food business operator must comply. Any failure to comply with food safety and standard regulations can result in heavy fines. Due to strict FSSAI rules, it becomes difficult to get a food license. Thus we are here to provide the knowledge and to assist in the registration services.