An expanding number of associations in the food inventory network industry are looking for affirmation with the different GFSI endorsed accreditation plans accessible. The 3 most utilized confirmation plans are The BRC (British Retail Consortium), the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 and the Safe Quality Food (SQF) code. These plans are seat set apart against similar rules and they all need to meet least prerequisites set up by the GFSI.

In any case, since they are possessed by various associations and they differ as far as the degree, structure, certificate interaction, legitimacy and the announcing and the board directed.

Differences in GFSI approved Certifications schemes

System requirements

The BRC standard has an emphasis on quality, food safety and lawfulness.

The FSSC 22000 focuses on its emphasis on food safety and lawful consistence.

The SQF code has two degrees of necessities: Level 2 focuses on food safety and Level 3 on food safety and quality.

System establishment and execution

The BRC standard has distinct prerequisites for measure and clean control which give clear rules regarding how food safety ought to be tended to.

FSSC 22000 gives a decent structure against which an association can foster its food safety the board framework, as it isn’t excessively illustrative and has the adaptability to permit the association to pick the most ideal approach to control its own framework.

The SQF code requires a blend of SQF framework components and food safety essentials dependent on item class.

Certificate process

The BRC has a basic certificate measure which just requires an on location review.

The FSSC 22000 standard requires a phase 1 and 2 review, both to be done nearby.

The SQF code requires a phase 1 review that should be possible on or off site and a phase 2 review nearby.

Closing Non-conformities (NC)

For the BRC standard all NC’s main driver investigation and target proof should be submitted inside 28 days.

FSSC 22000 necessitates that basic or significant NC distinguished in stage 1 review must be shut during stage 2 review, and for minor NC the activity plan ought to be submitted.

For the SQF code significant NC from stage 1 review should be finished off before stage 2 review and the main driver and target proof should be submitted in 14 days for majors NC and in 30 days minor NC.

Certification validity

The BRC and SQF authentication legitimate for 1 year.

The FSSC 22000 authentication is legitimate for a very long time.

Certificate mark

Just associations that accomplish SQF level 3 affirmation can utilize the SQF quality imprint on their items

Whichever standard an association chooses to utilize, being confirmed by a GFSI endorsed certificate plan will assist them with guaranteeing the conveyance of safe food to their purchasers, increment their cycles’ effectiveness and give a stage to ceaseless improvement of their sanitation the board frameworks.

About ISO 22000

ISO 22000 guarantees reasonable rivalry.

ISO 22000 solidifies that conditions in regards to exchange, correspondence, necessities and so forth begins from a typical edge. Anyway the worldwide food industry is continually creating and there is a requirement for a conventional norm as ISO 22000 to fit the whole natural way of life from essential creation to purchaser.

ISO 22000 enjoys the upper hand over the numerous private principles as it covers the entire association. ISO 22000 adds to guarantee food safety risks all through the entire evolved way of life from ranch to-table. This becomes fundamental as perils happen at any phase of the evolved way of life.

ISO 22000 obliges correspondence along the natural way of life and inside the association. Correspondence is generous to get that all pertinent sanitation risks are recognized and enough controlled at each progression inside the evolved way of life. This infers correspondence between associations both upstream and downstream in the natural way of life.

The point of ISO 22000 is to orchestrate on a worldwide level the prerequisites for sanitation the executives for associations inside the natural pecking order. It is especially planned for application by associations that look for a more engaged, sound and incorporated food safety the board framework than is regularly legally necessary. It requires the association to meet any material sanitation related legal and administrative necessities through its food safety the board framework.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked sanitation standard dependent on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). NSF Food Safety Certification, LLC is authorize to guarantee to the SQF.

Autonomous confirmation that your item or cycle consents to explicit worldwide norms can help you:

Guarantee that food has been created, arranged and taken care of as per the most perceived norms

Show a promise to quality cycles and persistent improvement

Reinforce your image and gain admittance to top retailers

Limit chance and secure your standing

A fractional or completely distant review is an extra alternative, contingent upon your necessities.


Initially created and distributed in 1998, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards determine security, quality and functional models for food makers and providers. Utilized around the world, the guidelines are perceived by the GFSI, which means to lessen the requirement for different provider reviews by fitting global sanitation norms. BRC norms are acknowledged by numerous individuals of the world’s biggest retail gatherings, makers and food administration associations – giving a worldwide sign of greatness for the declaration holder.

BRC Global Standards convey certainty across the whole inventory network by ensuring the normalization of value, security and functional standards. By setting the benchmark for astounding assembling practice, they give confirmation to clients that items are protected, legitimate and of superior grade.


The BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard has set the benchmark for more than 20 years. Taken on by more than 20,000 locales in 130 nations, the standard is acknowledged by 70% of the main 10 worldwide retailers, 60% of the best 10 fast help cafés, and half of the best 25 producers.

Presently in its eighth release, the standard has continually developed to secure the buyer. It was the main norm to be GFSI benchmarked, just as present food safety society necessities, characterize food extortion, and diminish review trouble through extra modules.

Created with input from industry, it gives a system to oversee item security, honesty, legitimateness and quality, and the functional controls for these rules in the food and food fixing assembling, preparing and pressing industry.