Food safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has as of late dispatched the food handling Mitra plot. The Food Safety Mitra Scheme was chiefly begun to offer help for the little and medium food business in consistence with the sanitation laws by giving licensing and registration, hygiene ratings and training facility. Additionally, the scheme will set out business open doors for youth the nation over.

On 16 October 2019 the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) gave launch to the Food Safety Mitra (FSM) scheme. The plan intends to help little and medium scale food business houses to observe the laws on sanitation and work with cleanliness evaluations, authorizing and enlistment and preparing.

India is one of the biggest food markets on the planet with more than 32 lakh registered food business administrators and an entire host of unregistered food joints. Like any immense industry, there are various difficulties that food business houses face.

Consequently schemes like ‘Food safety Mitra’ make food business simpler to oversee.

“Aside from strengthening sanitation, this scheme would likewise set out new work open doors for youth. It is for especially with food and sustenance foundation. The FSM would go through preparing and certificate by FSSAI to take care of their job and get paid by food organizations for their administrations,” said FSSAI, Chief Executive Officer, and Pawan Agarwal.

Over the most recent couple of years, the FSSAI has come out with different plans to refresh and fortify food handling laws and guidelines.

Alongside the FSM, the public authority additionally dispatched the Eat Right Jacket and Eat Right Jhola. The Jacket is intended for the field staff and is intended to hold cell phone, RFID tag, QR code for recognizable proof and following purposes. This will assist with getting productivity and straightforwardness sanitation organization. The Jhola is a reusable material pack expected to replace plastic bags.

Digital Mitra

This Mitra will help foundations and people apply for licenses or enlistments, investigate issues of suspended licenses and registrations, among others.

Hygiene Mitra

This Mitra will lead different audits at outlets to check on the off chance that they are meeting all the wellbeing and cleanliness principles. They will likewise be answerable for preparing food handling bosses and food controllers in protected and clean acts of dealing with food.

Presently, as indicated by true records, there are just 32 lakh foundations, with licenses or are enrolled. With the presentation of this plan the point is to twofold this number.

Trainer Mitra

This Mitra will help train food handling bosses and direct preparing at FSSAI confirmed ‘Eat Right’ grounds. As of now, there are about 1.55 lakh coaches and with this plan, the goal is to expand that number to in any event 10 lakh mentors.

Campaign ambassadors

This last classification will assume a significant part in making mindfulness among shoppers. These ministers will spread this message of Food Mitras by making efforts across web-based media stages and other accessible channels.

How to become food safety Mitra?

On the off chance that you wish to turn into a Food Safety Mitra, register on the FSSAI website from 26 November 2019 onward. Assuming your application is chosen, you should show up for a meeting once you are through with the online test. Effective up-and-comers will be prepared and confirmed by the FSSAI. The endorsement should be renewed every two years.

If one wishes to become digital Mitra

  • The age must be compulsory between 21 to 60 years old
  • Also the age must have a Bachelor’s certificate from a perceived college
  • The person must have working information on PCs

If one wishes to become trainer Mitra

Basic level

  • You should be an essential alumni in science/food innovation/food science/science/science
  • If you are an alumni in some other stream then you should have 5 years’ experience in significant food industry
  • Knowledge of the Food Safety Scheme rules and guidelines
  • Should go through 20 days per year in preparing
  • Must have incredible relational abilities

Advance level

  • You should be an essential alumni in science/food innovation/food science/science/science
  • If you are an alumni in some other stream then you should have 7 years’ experience in pertinent food industry
  • Knowledge of Food Safety Scheme rules and guidelines
  • Should go through 20 days per year in preparing
  • Must have astounding relational abilities

If one wishes to become hygiene Mitra

  • The age must be between 21 to 60 years old
  • Must have a four year certification in cooking innovation/inn the executives/food dairy/bio innovation/microbiology from a perceived college
  • Must have information on the FSSAI rules and guidelines
  • Sector explicit information on cleanliness norms and sterile practices is additionally required

Benefits of Mitra to the consumer

Food can without much of a stretch get polluted at any stage, from its creation to circulation. Dangerous food containing destructive microbes, infections, parasites or compound substances, causes sicknesses like loose bowels to malignancies. An expected 600 million become sick in the wake of eating defiled food and 4, 20,000 pass on consistently, bringing about the deficiency of 33 million solid life years.

As purchasers, we should read labels prior to purchasing our food items, deal with and plan food according to FSSAI recommended rules and feast at sterile spots that have every one of the imperative licenses and enlistments.

With 50,000 Food Safety Mitra’s to have affirmation over the course of the following 5 years, this is a positive development to guarantee that we eat right and stay healthy.

Certification process of Safety Mitra Scheme

The certification process for the Digital, Trainer and Hygiene Mitra is by applying through the individual sites and afterward after enlistment the legitimacy of declaration will be for the time period of 2 years. An up-and-comer may browse any at least one than one variations of the Food Safety Mitra. For instance: a Digital Mitra can simultaneously be Hygiene Mitra, however subject to the condition that he qualifies all the given qualification models and capability.

Cancellation of food safety Mitra

The security deposit of required amount will have gathering from the Food Safety Mitra at the hour of accreditation and the legitimacy of FSM confirmation will be 2 years. In the event that the Food Safety Mitra needs to take an exit from the plan then the sum security store will have the discount to the Food Safety Mitra inside a fixed time-period.


Association Minister of Health and Family Welfare remembered the World Food Day 2019, by empowering the reach of Eat Right India. The subject for the day was ‘Healthy Diets for a Zero Hunger World’. In this way, the ‘Food Safety Mitra (FSM)’ plot was dispatched to fortify the organization of food safety and upgrade the ‘Eat Right India’ movement.